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Elixir of the Gods

$600.00 / month

Jilati’s most potent dose of CBD hemp extract bundled with a myriad of helpful terpenes, hand-selected for the ultimate endocannabinoid-boosting experience. This is a full-spectrum product that retains its original constituent properties, delivering a proprietary formula that helps promote a calm sense of well-being.

10000mg of CBD (333.4mg per )
5000mg of b-Caryophyllene (166.7mg per )
850mg of Humulene (28.3mg per )
1000mg of Terpene Mix (33.3mg per )

Blissed Out – Mighty – Terpene Flavored

*each serving = 1ml = 1
*30 servings in every 30ml bottle

Organic, non-GMO

Made in the USA

3rd party tested

Terpene blend


30-Day Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Key Trifecta


Take 1-3 drops and hold under the tongue for 60-90 seconds before consuming. Use as desired or as directed by your health-care specialist.

We conduct periodical batch lab tests on all of our products to guarantee our customers top quality, clean, and reliable CBD - every time.

Pear Puree (Pyrus Communis)